Undergraduate Admissions and Aid

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Financial aid—whether in the form of loans, grants, work-study, grants, or scholarships—can be an important part of putting a Penn State degree within reach. MatSE has numerous resources and ways to help eligible students and their families help pay for a Penn State education. Through the generosity of our alumni and friends, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering provides financial aid to our students in good academic standing and awards nearly 500 scholarships annually.

Here are some resources that will let you know more about the costs of college and ways that Penn State students commonly receive student aid.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Costs and Aid
    Information on scholarships, tuition and other costs, financial aid, and eligibility for being considered a Pennsylvania resident.
  • Penn State Office of the Bursar
    This office maintains student accounts pertaining to tuition billing, acceptance fees, charges, payments, financial aid disbursements, and refunds of excess funds, when available.
  • Penn State Office of Student Aid
    This office handles requests for federal financial aid. On this site, you can learn about important aid-related policies, different types of assistance such as scholarships, grants, and loans that you may be eligible for, and how to apply for financial aid.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) is fortunate to be able to offer merit-based scholarships to its undergraduate students.

Freshman students are eligible for merit-based Department scholarships after successful completion of their first fall semester. These students are automatically considered for scholarships in January of the freshman year and do not have to apply.

All other MatSE students must apply for Department scholarships online by April 15, 2018. Awardees will be selected and notified by the summer. In order to retain scholarships granted by the Department, students must be enrolled in the major and on a full-time basis. In the event that a student withdraws from the University or changes majors, his or her scholarship will terminate immediately. 

Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

  • Alice A. and Howard W. Pickering Materials Science and Engineering Scholarship
  • Andrew Gregory Slachta Memorial Scholarship
  • Anthony J. and Alberta L. Perrotta Scholarship
  • AVX/Kyocera Foundation Scholarship
  • C. Philip Cook, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Ceramic Science and Engineering
  • Charles D. Greskovich Memorial Scholarship in Ceramic Science and Engineering
  • Charles G. and Donna H. Carson Scholarship
  • David W. Richerson Service Award in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Digby D. Macdonald and Mirna Urquidi-Macdonald Student Award
  • Donald W. Hamer Scholarship in Electronic and Photonic Materials
  • Dorothy Pate Enright Endowed Scholarship
  • Drs. Weiming Huang and Zi-Kui Liu MaterialsGenome Scholarship
  • DuPont Polymer Science Award
  • Edward S. Sproles, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • The Frances Hamilton Byers Scholarship Fund
  • George Gleason Memorial Scholarship
  • George H. and Madeline Hager Todd Scholarship
  • George W. Brindley Award in Nonmetallic Crystal Chemistry
  • Glass Container Industry Research Corporation Scholarship Fund
  • Guy and Rae Rindone Award for Academic Excellence
  • Harman Family Endowment in Metallurgy
  • Helen R. and Van H. Leichliter Metallurgy Scholarship
  • Hommel Scholarship in Ceramic Science and Engineering
  • Jack D. Ramaley Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
  • James H. and Mary E. Van Ackeren Award in Ceramic Science and Engineering
  • The James and Mary-Ellen Tietjen Scholarship
  • Mahlon Dennis Scholarship for Excellence in Materials Science
  • Michael E. Starsinic Scholarship Fund in Polymer Science
  • Michael M. and Mary Jane Coleman Undergraduate Award in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Lovett, Sr. Memorial Award
  • Norris B. McFarlane Scholarship Fund
  • Patricia Ann Best Memorial Award
  • Penn State Metallurgy Alumni Scholarship
  • Pennsylvania Ceramics Association Award
  • Peter B. Lake Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard E. and Sue Alexander Tressler Centennial Scholarship in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Robert G. and Agnes M. Faber Scholarship for Materials Science and Engineering
  • Robert W. Lindsay Award in Metallurgy
  • Rosemarie C. and Howard R. Peiffer Scholarship in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ruth Ann Dudenhoefer Ceramics Scholarship
  • Sam Zerfoss Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • State of the Art, Inc. Annual Scholarship
  • Thomas M. and Eleanor W. Krebs Scholarship in Metallurgy
  • Virginia S. and Philip L. Walker, Jr. Scholarship
  • William and Estelle Turney Scholarship in Ceramic Science and Engineering

Trustee Scholarships        

  • Paul and Mai-Lan Fagan Endowed Trustee Scholarship
  • Mary and Anthony Fiedorek Trustee Scholarship
  • William and Estelle Turney Trustee Scholarship
  • Eric Whitney Memorial Trustee Scholarship
  • Paul and Ruth Ann Wood Trustee Scholarship

Low-interest loans are available to entering first-year students as well as upperclassmen and graduate students. Students may borrow up to $1,200 per semester ($2,400 per year) through the fund. Repayment is not required until after graduation. Currently, no interest accrues until graduation. After graduation, the University assesses a 6 percent simple interest rate on these loans. The college, subject to the approval of the University Financial Aid Office, grants these loans. If you have any questions, please visit Ashlee Kochik,, 814-863-4669 in the Office of the Dean (116 Deike Building).

Emergency grants are awarded to students who encounter extraordinary events or circumstances that could negatively affect their ability to continue their studies in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Emergency grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis and can be given to a student no more than once per academic year. Limited funding is available.

Millennium Scholars are high-achieving STEM students aiming to be leaders in their field with a commitment to increasing diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines. Millennium Scholars receive scholarship, academic, and advising support and are expected to work hard and study in a collaborative environment, conduct research with a faculty mentor, and maintain an excellent academic record. 

If you believe you are ready to give what it takes to be a Millennium Scholar follow the link to learn more

Penn State Scholarships are awarded to exemplary students and are highly competitive due to limited funding. Scholarships are a form of gift aid that does not need to be repaid.

Various external organizations offer scholarships and awards to undergraduate MatSE students. In particular, students are highly encouraged to join Material Advantage during the first three weeks of the fall semester. Student members of Material Advantage have access to all the scholarships offered by member professional societies; links to these opportunities can be found below. 

  • ACerS – American Ceramics Society
  • AIST – Association for Iron and Steel Technology
  • ASM – American Society for Metals and Materials
  • TMS – The Mineral, Metals, and Materials Society

The Department has many high-achieving students. We encourage these students to explore the very competitive, high-distinction scholarships and fellowships offered through the University Fellowship Office.

Penn State offers many sources of financial aid. Visit the Office of Student Aid to understand the financial aid system and access private scholarship databases.

If you have a work-study grant, use LionPATH to see available jobs.

If you want an on-campus job but don’t have a work-study grant, visit Other Employment Opportunities to locate wage payroll positions.