Computational Materials Doctoral Minor

The Computational Materials Doctorial Minor provides a fundamental education in materials simulation techniques. The minor is available to all doctoral students, regardless of which Ph.D. major they are pursuing, who are conducting research that utilizes computational materials approaches, or who could otherwise benefit from an understanding of the methods used to probe material properties computationally.

The minor requires courses that broaden their exposure to material phenomena. The objectives of the coursework are to:

  1. provide foundational courses in materials modeling, offered at various length scales,
  2. integrate both broad foundational courses for students interested in a wide range of modeling techniques and/or specialized courses allowing students to develop depth in a specific modeling technique/scale, and
  3. provide a flexible set of electives that will assure students are exposed to materials-related phenomena in their area of expertise.

The minor provides students the recognition of having built a background in Computational Materials, as well as the access and oversight of faculty in the minor to help them integrate these concepts with their doctoral research.  All Ph.D. students in the minor will be required to have a faculty member from the minor on their thesis committee.

Official requests to add a minor to a doctoral candidate's academic record must be submitted to Graduate Enrollment Services prior to establishing the doctoral committee and prior to scheduling the comprehensive examination.
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Faculty on the committee

Ph.D. students completing the Computational Materials minor must include a faculty member to represent the minor on their thesis committee. Expand to view the current list of faculty approved to represent the minor on thesis committees.

  • Kristen Fichthorn, Chemical Engineering and Physics
  • Michael Janik, Chemical Engineering
  • Scott Milner, Chemical Engineering
  • Adri van Duin, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
  • Lasse Jensen, Chemistry
  • Gerald Knizia, Chemistry
  • Jorge Sofo, Physics
  • Vincent Crespi, Physics
  • Susan Sinnott, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Zi-Kui Liu, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ismaila Dabo, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Long-Qing Chen, Materials Science and Engineering