Elizabeth Michael

Elizabeth (Lizz) Michael has two years of service as the appointed graduate-student lead, serving as a safety liason for the MRI safety Committee. Lizz has proved invaluable to the Committee. As the consummate team player, she has worked with fellow grads and others to determine the safety needs of each of the MRI’s 52 labs. Further, Lizz has not only organized the Lab Managers Meetings, during which the 62 managers of the MRI are educated about safety needs and practices, but she has also runs them. Lizz has been the key to the success of these meetings. She plans, organizes, and executes them with enthusiasm! In alternating months she actively participates in MRI Safety Committee, ensuring that the voice of the lab managers is well represented, and provides suggestions of tasks for improving the overall safety of the MSC building.

It is not just the MRI safety committee that is impressed by Lizz’s dedication to “safe science”, but also a wide variety of MCL and nanofab staff and other students.

Quotes from the Nanofab and MCL staff:

“Lizz has always shown sincerity when helping others in the cleanroom. She has a kind non-threatening approach when confronting lab-mates about correct safety practices. Liz, herself, demonstrates safe lab protocol and stands out as a leader in faculty and other MSC building labs.”

 “Lizz is a pleasant user to work with. She follows protocols closely and is kind to others. Elizabeth Michael is courteous and responsible.”

“… I feel she is a well-rounded user of the Cleanroom. She is always considerate and helpful towards other users and staff when it comes to working in the Cleanroom.”

A quote from a fellow student (Ganesh Bhimanapati, MatSE):

“Lizz is a very active materials researcher. Being active in research, she spends a lot of time working in the MRI labs, which automatically involves following the correct safety procedures. She constantly monitors safety in the lab and works with the graduate students to follow proper safety protocols. Lizz’s constant involvement with safety and safety-related aspects allows her to lead the student body of the MRI Safety Committee. She constantly tries to get all the graduate students involved with safety by conducting bi-monthly lab manager meetings. She is an excellent team player who coordinates with the lab managers for all the MRI labs and assigns certain safety tasks to improve the overall safety in the MSC building. Being the head of the Lab Managers Committee, Lizz is always ready to answer questions posted by students and guides them towards the right path.”

The MatSE Safety Award was presented at our Spring Awards Banquet in 2015.