MVC 11

Eleventh Annual Materials Visualization Competition 2019

MVC is a scientific, visual, and artistic competition sponsored by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) and the Materials Research Institute (MRI). Through the creativity and visualization of our researchers, MVC celebrates the quality of research in materials at Penn State and promotes awareness of materials science. Entry is open to all Penn State undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and faculty working on materials-related topics. 

Competition is open during the spring semester and submissions can be entered in one of three categories: scientific, visual, and computation. All submitted images are judged by a panel defined by MatSE and MRI. After deliberation, the panel chooses the top three entries for each category and one image that represents the Best of Show.

Best of Show

Rounded membrane topology reminiscent of an abandoned alien planet covered in a blanket of ice

Submitted by: Woochul Song, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

Scientific Description: Cross-section scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of organic/inorganic hybrid membranes for advanced molecular separations. This hybrid membrane has a structure of thin and defect-free nanofilm polymer layer (icy blue) supported by porous aluminum oxide ceramic membrane (light brown) with mesoporous organic balls (red) in between, providing gently undulating surface architecture of separation membranes. All membrane components were designed to be highly resistant to various polar and nonpolar solvents, and both the nanofilm and organic balls are made from angstrom scale synthetic nanochannel structures that can precisely separate target molecules from the mixture using subtle differences in shapes or sizes. Also, enhanced surface roughness given provided undulating morphology of selective layer is expected to improve membrane productivity by increasing membrane area.