Graduate student at work in a lab

Graduate Degree Programs

Welcome to the Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Materials Science and Engineering (IGDP). We hope this site will be a valuable guide to our program and application process for prospective students, as well as a helpful source of day-to-day information for our continuing students.

As you peruse our listing of faculty members and their research, as well as our course offerings, you will probably be struck by the breadth of topics in materials research and education that are pursued at Penn State. We are advancing materials science for many applications, including energy conversion and conservation, electronics, biomedicine, and structures. Opportunities for research also span all families of materials, including soft materials, semiconductors, metals, and ceramics. Our student body is academically diverse, having previously earned B.S./B.A. or M.S. degrees in materials science and engineering, metallurgy, ceramics, polymers, chemistry, physics, math, biology, or one of many different engineering disciplines. Through formal coursework in small classes and participation in cutting-edge sponsored research, our students enjoy a graduate education that prepares them well for their future careers in industry, academia, or government laboratories.