Financial Office

Our department's Financial Office is here to assist you with all of your University-related financial needs—from the processing of expenditures and reimbursements to the management of your research and miscellaneous accounts.

Purchasing Card (PCard) Process 

Please note that these forms are also available on psu guru

eBuy purchasing 

Purchase Orders are for large ticket items.

  • PO/Order Request Form 
    used to request the purchase of item(s) over the PCARD limit ($3K) for educational/research purposes. Any purchase order request over $10,000 being ordered from a specific vendor, must have a completed Sole/Single Source Justification Form accompany the request.

Contact Laura Tetrault for more information.

Please review the travel guidelines when submitting meal and travel expenses. Travel Guidlines link

For additional travel information go to the Travel website

  • Group Meal/Meeting Form
    used as supporting documentation to justify the business purpose and attendees for an authorized group meal/meeting of Penn State employees and/or visitors to the University. The form is required for any group meal/meeting purchase that is made using University funds, regardless of payment method. 
  • Export Compliance Procedures 
    All foreign travel requires export control review prior to the start of the travel, regardless of PSU funding being used for the travel.
  • Travel Reimbursement Form 
    must be completed by any employee wishing to claim travel reimbursement when they are not the one personally preparing the ERS Report for submission.