MatSE Safety Awareness Organization

Created in November of 2008, the Materials Science and Engineering Safety Awareness Organization (MSAO) is charged with the mission to oversee laboratory safety awareness and organization within the department. The organization is a combination of faculty, staff, and students and meets on the first Friday of every month at 9:00 AM in the Research Unit A Conference Room. All are welcome to attend.

Current Members

  • Allison Beese (Co-Chair)

  • Hojong Kim (Co-Chair)

  • Scott Henninger (Chair)

  • Sarah Black (Graduate Student)

  • Maria Dicola (MRI Staff)

  • Roman Engel-Herbert (Faculty)

  • Hamad Fawzi (Graduate Student)

  • Elizabeth Kupp (Sr. Reserach Associate)

  • Welley Loc (Graduate Student)

  • Cassie Marker (Graduate Student)

  • Changwoo Nam (Graduate Student)

  • Nuerxida Pulati (Graduate Student)

  • Joshua Robinson (Faculty/MRI)

  • Nim Sunanta (Graduate Student)

  • Renxuan Xie (Graduate Student)

  • Lian Zhu (Graduate Student)

  • Tawanda Zimudzi (Graduate Student)


Projects and Initiatives

Stall Wall
The Stall Wall report is an effort to communicate important safety messaging in an environment of high visibility where it is likely to be read.  The Stall Wall Report is distributed monthly and posted on the interior of stall enlcosures in the public public restrooms of Steidle Building.
Materials Safety Newsletter
A newsletter featuring safety updates, issues, and topics is published periodically.