Tressler Lecturer, Dr. Amit Das, Director of New Product Development State of the Art, Inc.

February 21, 2019
3:05 pm to 4:20 pm
26 Hosler Building
Amit Das

"Complexities and Innovation in Manufacturing High Reliability Resistive Products"
Resistive products at State of the Art, Inc. have evolved over almost half a century.  This presentation first sheds light on the basic anatomy of a chip resistor and some of the technologies used to manufacture these high reliability products.  Reliability plays a major role in these devices, as many are used to populate mission critical electronic modules. The complexities of making devices using plasma deposition, where the deposition parameters, as well as the substrate morphology, play a major role in the materials properties, are addressed.  These are thermally dissipative devices that are primarily conduction cooled during their operation, which poses a challenge in specifying a power rating for these devices, as their power handling capability is dependent on the external interface.  Finite element models and IR camera measurements are used to illustrate this.  Several innovative resistive products are discussed, such as dual resistors with near-zero temperature coefficient of resistance, multi-tap attenuator, and the Filtenator©.  Lastly, the presentation segways into innovative processes which combine both thick and thin film technologies, to create products that overcome the shortcomings of each technology. 

Amit Das is currently the Director of New Product Development at State of the Art, Inc.  A manufacturer of high reliability chip resistors for almost 50 years.  Amit has his BS degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, in New Delhi, India.  MS and Ph.D. in Solid State Science from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He has worked in academia and industry for over 30 years.  He has several US Patents and publications.  Amit has been on the Board of Penn State's Graduate School Alumni Society(GSAS) and chairman of the global outreach arm of the GSAS.  His main interests are in developing novel materials, and processes for manufacturing resistive components.  Outside of work, Amit and his wife Diana travel extensively around the world, exploring new lands, and connecting with Penn State Alumni overseas.