Libby Kupp

Libby Kupp

Office Address: 
212 Steidle
Associate Teaching Professor
Director, Advanced Materials Processing Lab
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Research Interests: 
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Ceramics

Dr. Libby Kupp received her B.S. degree in Ceramic Science and Engineering from Penn State. After working for Kennametal, Inc. in the Ceramics Research Group in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, for five years, she returned to Penn State for graduate work and received her Ph.D. in Materials Scienceand Engineering. She spent two years at Oak Ridge National Laboratories as a postdoctoral research associate.  

After returning to central Pennsylvania, Kupp began working in Dr. Garry Messing’s Ceramic Processing Research Group.  She is currently an Associate Teaching Professor and Director of the Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory at Penn State. 

Her research activities in ceramic processing include transparent ceramics for solid state laser gain media, porous ceramics for gas filtration applications, thermomechanical analysis of materials for solid oxide fuel electrodes, and studies on the sintering behavior of ceramics as a function of precise dopant/impurity concentrations.

 In addition to her role as a research scientist, she teaches undergraduate laboratory courses, advises undergraduate students, advises the Material Advantage student professional society chapter at Penn State, and plays a leading role in the department’s outreach and recruiting efforts.  She is active in the Materials Research Society as a subcommittee chair and on the University’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity, in addition to serving on a variety of department and college committees.

Research Projects: 

Libby's research interests include laser-gain media and ceramic powder sintering.