Gang Zhang

Office Address: 
308 Steidle
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Analysis and Characterization
  • Polymers
  • Synthesis
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Jilin University, China
B.S. in Chemistry, Jilin University, China

Gang Zhang received his B.S. in Chemistry at Jilin University, China (2004) and doctorate in Chemistry at Jilin University, China (2009). During the graduate study, Gang went to University of California Riverside (2007 to 2008) as a visiting student with Profs. Yushan Yan. After graduation, he stay at Jilin University (China) as an assistant professor (2009), then an associate professor (2013) to continue his research. At Jilin University, Gang worked in Alan G. MacDiarmid Institute and researched on functional engineering polymer materials like Poly(aryl ether Keton), Polysulfone, Polybenzimidazole and Epoxy Resin. Since 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the labs of Prof. Mike Chung at the Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State, his research focused on design and synthesis of functional polyolefins.

Research Projects: 

Working in Professor Mike Chung's lab, Gang’s research interests include synthesis and characterization of polymer materials, both of functional polyolefins and engineering polymers, with properties for energy and environmental usage.