Adjunct Faculty Appointment

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Objective: to enhance the interactions between MatSE and outstanding scientists outside of Penn State

The broad criterion for an adjunct appointment: an outstanding materials scientist outside Penn State who wants to be associated with MatSE department and actively collaborates with MatSE faculty in research

Benefits for the person with an adjunct appointment:

• have the title of Adjunct Professor of MatSE

• become a graduate faculty of Penn State

• be included in our website and graduate recruiting brochure

• become a member of Ph.D. and M.S. committees for MatSE students.

International appointees: Cannot be officially appointed by Penn State as a result of visa restrictions but upon approval by the Dean of EMS can

have the title of Adjunct Professor of MatSE

be included in our website and graduate recruiting brochure

upon request, serve as a special signatory on a graduate thesis

Procedures for Making Adjunct Appointments:

• A letter requesting and justifying the adjunct appointment from a MatSE faculty member on behalf of the outside person and a vitae of the person, submitted to the MatSE department head. The vitae should emphasize detailed scholarly accomplishments in research, and where applicable, teaching and professional service. The request must clearly state, in details, how the proposed appointment is intended to benefit the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

• The scholarly accomplishments of the nominee in research, and where applicable in professional service and teaching, are the most important consideration for the initial appointment.

• The nominee is expected to contribute resources for the education of the students of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, either alone or jointly with other MatSE faculty. The word “resources” is to be interpreted broadly to mean intellect, scholarship, and other talents that significantly benefit the Department and its people.

• The P&T committee of the Department must approve the initial appointment of a nominee based on contemporary standards for a particular title and criteria described in the above two items.

• The senior faculty of the Department may provide input to the committee via the usual existing process.

• Upon approval by the P&T committee, the MatSE department head will meet with the candidate and then write a request letter to the Dean of EMS for the adjunct appointment.