Theresa Kotanchek

Theresa Kotanchek
'84, '87, '91
EAB President (2016-2018)
CEO, Evolved Analytics LLC

Dr. Theresa Kotanchek is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolved Analytics LLC, a data science and analytics system and software provider ( Utilizing proprietary algorithms, Evolved Analytics discovers elusive relationships in complex data systems, extracting new insights and knowledge. Evolved Analytics’ suite of global solutions are broad reaching across multiple-industry sectors, enabling new catalyst, drug and materials discoveries, enhanced business forecasting, supply chain planning and logistics, and automated process and quality control.
Prior to assuming her current role, Dr. Kotanchek spent 23 years in executive and leadership positions at Dow Chemical, including Vice President for Sustainable Technologies, Innovation Sourcing and Information Research, Chief Technology Officer of Dow Chemical China Company Limited, Global Business Director of Dow Ventures, Global R&D Director of Dow Plastics, and Corporate Director of Materials Science and  Engineering.
Dr. Kotanchek holds a doctorate in Materials Science, a masters of science in Ceramic Science, and a bachelor of science in Ceramic Science & Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. She is currently the Vice Chair of the National Academy of Engineers National Materials and Manufacturing Board and has served as a member of the NAE Committee on Foundational Best Practices for Making Value in America.
Internationally recognized, she has given over 200 invited lectures, published over 100 technical articles and holds 6 US patents.