lab safety
Step 1

Read the Safety Manual

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is dedicated to being the safest department on campus. As a result, the department has implemented its own safety training and measures to ensure we act as a model for the entire University community.

Step 2

Request the safety exam

Once you feel you are sufficiently prepared for the exam, please e-mail for instructions on how to access and take the exam. 

The exam will be provided on CANVAS and a passing score of >80% is required.  Once your passing score has been verified, you many work in the lab under supervision.

Step 3

EHS training for unsupervised access to the laboratories (mandatory refreshers)

If you are going to work in a lab independently, you will need to complete EHS Initial Laboratory Safety Training and receive your certificate.

This course is a one-time requirement under the Chemical Safety Program and applies to anyone who supervises laboratory staff or works in an area using flammable, acidic, basic, toxic, or reactive chemicals. 

Your certificate, as well as any "Annual Refresher" Training certificates must be provided to, and provide a copy/copies to the Lab Safety Manager for your research group. These certificate must also be kept in the Chemical Waste Log Book of every lab you work.

Please note that additional safety training and is available through EHS and is necessary for specific hazards (e.g., radiation, lasers, etc). Training on the Chemical Inventory Management System (CHIMS) is required for individuals tasked with maintaining their research group's inventories of hazardous chemicals. 

Step 4

Request Swipe Card Access to the Laboratories

 If you need access to Steidle Building laboratories, you may fill out a swipe card access form (MatSE researchers only), have it signed by the appropriate individuals and submit it to Andrea Michaels in 225 Steidle Building. Forms are available in 225 Steidle Building 

Scott Henninger will also give you a pair of safety glasses if you go to his office in 123A Steidle Building.