2011 McFarland Award: Mike Petrucci

Mike Petrucci, 2011 McFarland Awardee

Beyond Oil – Alternative Energy Businesses at BP

Thursday, April 7, 2011
26 Hosler Building
Mike Petrucci
President and CEO
BP Solar

Mike is the President & CEO for BP Solar.  He has served as VP, Global Operations for BP Solar since joining the business from the semiconductor industry in 2007.  As President & CEO, Mike will maintain the emphasis on delivering high quality products and projects to global markets and to continue to grow BP Solar’s market position as a leading energy provider.

Mike brings more than 25 years experience in high volume manufacturing in the semiconductor and consumer electronic products sector.   Prior to BP, Mike was President of Amkor Technology, Philippines, Inc. for 6 years.  Amkor, Philippines is a high volume operation providing complex semiconductor packaging and turn key solutions through focused operational performance delivering a revenue stream greater than $800M.  Amkor Technology, Inc is a $2.5B company. Mike oversaw four manufacturing locations which employed over 10,000 employees.
Prior to joining Amkor, Mike was employed for 13 years at Compaq Computer Corporation in Houston, Texas where he held a number of Senior Director positions.

Over the past 3 years, Mike has been instrumental in leading the transformation of BP Solar’s manufacturing and supply chain strategy to provide quality, cost competitive solutions.

Mike holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Material Science from
The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.