Financial Aid and Scholarships

Through the generosity of our alumni and industry partners, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, along with the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, offer many undergraduate scholarships which are dispersed annually to qualifying students.

Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Freshmen can be awarded scholarships based on their academic performance during the first semester of their freshman year.  Scholarships for upperclassmen are based on your cumulative grade point average at the end of the spring semester.  In order to retain scholarships granted by the department and/or college, students must be enrolled full time as a Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate student and be making satisfactory academic progress (cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher) within the department.  In the event that you withdraw from the University or change departments, your scholarship will terminate immediately.  Scholarship applications must be submitted by April 15th.

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College Scholarships

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences provides financial aid to students in the College with good academic standing. The College also sponsors various academic award competitions throughout the year.

Dean's Freshman Scholarship 

Freshmen entering the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences are automatically considered for a Dean's Freshman Scholarship; no separate application is required. These awards are offered in the spring prior to enrollment on a funds-available basis. The awards are granted based on the student's high school academic record and their performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). NOTE: Freshman awards are for the freshman year only.

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University Scholarships

Scholarships for the sophomore through senior years are awarded on the basis of academic excellence. The completion of an online application between January 1st and April 15th is required in order to receive consideration. This application is also used to determine scholarship support from your academic department. Some of these awards are “need-based,” it is important that you submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in a timely manner each year in order to be eligible for support. 

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External Scholarships and Awards

Various external organizations offer scholarships and awards to undergraduate students studying materials science. In particular, students are highly encouraged to join Material Advantage; our membership drive is the first 3 weeks of the fall semester. Students who have a membership in Material Advantage have access to all the scholarships offered by member professional socities - links to these opportunities can be found below:

  • ACerS - American Ceramics Society
  • AIST - Association for Iron and Steel Technology
  • ASM - American Society for Metals and Materials
  • TMS - The Mineral, Metals, and Materials Society

The Department has many high acheiving students. We encourage these students to explore the very competitive, high distinction scholarships and fellowships offered through the University Fellowship Office.