Human Resources

People are our department's greatest resource. Without the knowledge and expertise of our faculty, staff and students, we would not be able to carry out our mission to be the premiere materials department in the world. As a result, the department, college and University all work continuously to provide you with the resources you need to excel personally and professionally.

New Employees & Payroll

New employees need to fill out several forms upon arrival. Please contact the appropriate staff member listed below:

Graduate students, visiting scientists and postdoctoral scholars: Contact Jason Traverse

Faculty, staff and Fixed-Term I employees: Contact Katina Bartley-Posney

Wage-payroll employees: Contact Mandy Laub 

MatSE Wage Payroll New-Hire Process

1) Faculty member completes online Wage Payroll New-Hire Online Form. Mandy will then generate the offer letter from information provided on online form as a courtesy to the faculty member.  NOTE - MATSE CAN ONLY PROCESS WAGE APPOINTMENTS IF THE WAGE EMPLOYEE WILL BE PAID FROM A MATSE FUND.   

2) Mandy will provide the faculty member with the online job posting number that the prospect will need to apply to ( Faculty member provides that information to the prospective employee.

3) Once the prospect applies to the job posting, Mandy will email them their official offer letter (copying the faculty member).

4) The prospect would reply confirming acceptance or declining the offer.

5) If accepted, the offer letter and acceptance reply is sent to the College HR Office (adviser and prospect copied on the email) and the online background check process is sent to the prospect.

6) At this point the new-hire paperwork will be sent to the prospect.

7) Once the background check and new-hire paperwork are completed and submitted back to Mandy for processing, the wage appointment is entered and the employee may start working (cannot start working until background check is completely processed and new-hire documentation is fully completed and submitted to Mandy).

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