Spilled DMF

Incident Overview: 
On Jun 8th night, when I finished the testing of mass uptake of membranes in DMF(Dimethyl Formamide), I locked the door to the lab. There was a lab notebook in my left hand, and a secondary container with five 20mL Vials on my right hand. When I used my key to lock the door, one of the 20mL Vials fell out from the secondary container and broke.  I cleaned the spill immediately with the paper towel. Then, I washed the floor with ethanol several times until there was no DMF left. Lastly, I dried the floor with paper towel completely. It should be fine, there was no harmful chemicals left on the floor. Unfortunately, the solubility of the DMF is so good that it might dissolve the surface of the floor.
Root Cause: 

It was the late night of weekend, so I was tired, preventing me from concentrating on it. Also, when I locked the door, I should have freed both of my hands firstly, rather than locking it with both of my hands occupied. 

Preventative Actions: 

A good relaxation is essential for working in chemistry lab. When I worked in the chemistry lab, I should let my mind be highly alert because a chemistry incident might happen at any time. I should slow down my speed in the lab in the future. This accident could have been prevented if the lay down all the stuff in my hands first, and locked the door.