Gas Cylinder Regulator Malfunction

Incident Overview: 

Tubing popped in hood due to high pressure from the gas tank.

Root Cause: 

When opening a gas valve on a gas cylinder the second gauge on the gas tank regulator did not accurately display the correct pressure. It was already acting “funny”. The gauge was not moving even though it was being turned on. The gauge then instantaneously jumped to a very high pressure. The flow meter connected to experiment was on lower. The build up of pressure caused the tubing to burst with a loud “pop”. We believe that the pressure gauge is not working probably. When another regulator was placed on the tank. There was a hissing noise from the tank, but we could not determine where it was coming from and stopped using the tank. We capped the tank.

Preventative Actions: 

I kept opening the valve thinking “why isn’t this gauge moving?”. I should have known that something was wrong and stopped turning the valve. Also, once the regulator was removed to get it out of service, it was brought to my attention that Teflon tape was being used on the connection between the gas cylinder and the regulator. This connection does not need Teflon and it could very well have formed debris that affected the regulator.