Metallography and Microscopy Lab

sample polishingMetallography is the preparation of specimens for microscopic examination and the study of microstructure in relation to the physical and mechanical properties of a particular material.  There are two types of metallography: research and quality control.  Of the two, research metallography is perhaps the more sophisticated in that it requires a knowledge of phase diagrams, TTT diagrams, among others.  

Quality control metallography is the most important to industry and it can answer such questions as:  has the heat treating yielded the correct hardness or the desired grain size; has the carburization treatment given the desired case depth; are precipitates forming and to what size; are defects occurring in the finished product?  These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by metallography.  All of which depend on the microstructure and our ability to view it using optical microscopy.

Please contact Scott Hennninger if you would like access to the Metallography/Microscopy Laboratory.

Due to Steidle Building renovations, the metallography facility has been temporarily relocated to 11 Hosler Building.