Kragh-Buetow Receives 2015 EMC NIST Uncertainty Analysis Award

Katherine Kragh-Buetow, a graduate student working with Dr. Suzanne Mohney, was selected to receive the 2015 EMC NIST Uncertainty Analysis Award for her presentation on “Characterization of Tungsten-Nickel Simultaneous Ohmic Contacts to p- and n-type 4H-SiC” at the 57th Electronic Materials Conference held June 24-26, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.   As part of the award process, Katherine had to give her presentation at the conference in which a major quantitative result is accompanied by an uncertainty analysis.  Her uncertainty analysis was performed for specific contact resistance values with co-authors Dr. Robert Okojie, Dorothy Lukco and Dr. Suzanne Mohney.  Katherine will be honored at the 58th annual conference in June 2016.  Congratulations!