Faculty, student excellence celebrated at annual awards banquet

Graduate student Thomas Nigl and undergraduate student Nicole Kirchner

Several Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) faculty and students were honored for their accomplishments in research, advising, mentoring, and teaching at the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) 2017 Wilson Awards Banquet.

This year’s MatSE recipients:

Professor Clive Randall received the Paul F. Robertson Award for the Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) Breakthrough of the Year forhis discovery of the cold sintering process. This award was created in 2012 with support from a generous gift by EMS alumnus Paul F. Robertson. This award is given for singular research or teaching achievements communicated in one or a small series of articles, reports or presentations. Qualifying breakthroughs may be in research or in the scholarship of teaching.

Professor Michael Hickner received the Faculty Mentoring Award. This award honors a faculty member who invests in the success of others, whether it is a new faculty member, a student or a staff member. This award recognizes the generous contribution of time and energy it takes to mentor in teaching, research and service. 

Professor Allen Kimel received the Faculty Advising Award. Created in 2013, this award honors exceptional achievement in the advising of undergraduate students; the contribution may represent any facet of strong academic advising, including educational planning, exposure to research opportunities, identification of internships and other aspects of advising.

Professor Long-Qing Chen was honored for 25 years of service to Penn State.

Graduate student Thomas Nigl (image: right) received the George H.K. Schenck  Teaching Assistant Award. This award was created to honor and to recognize a graduate student in the College who has performed their responsibility as a graduate teaching assistant in an exemplary manner.

Undergraduate student Nicole Kirchner (image: left) received the Dean Edward Steidle Memorial Scholar Award. This award was established in 1981 to honor Edward Steidle, Dean of the College from 1929 to 1953, this award broadens the educational opportunities for EMS students.