CTIEC Meets with MatSE to Discuss Future Partnership in Glass Science

CTIEC meets with MatSE faculty

(In the image left to right: Mr. Xia Yu, CTIEC Vice Director of Administration and HR , Dr. Pan Jingong, CTIEC Top Expert, Dr. Neil Sharkey, Vice President for Research, Mr. Wang Congxiao, CTIEC Vice President, Dr. John Mauro, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering) 

CTIEC is the leading advanced glass company in China and one of the world’s leading innovators in industrial glasses. Under the leadership of Chairman Peng Shou, CTIEC places a high value on fundamental glass science, which will enable new innovations in glass technology and product design. CTIEC sent a high-level delegation to Penn State on January 18 with the goal of forming a strong partnership to help them achieve their vision of translating fundamental glass science into new innovations in products for advanced energy, environmental, and infrastructure applications. The CTIEC delegation met with several Penn State administrators, including Dr. Susan Sinnott (Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering), Dr. John Hellmann (Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research), Dr. David Fecko (Industry Relations Manager of the Materials Research Institute), and Dr. Neil Sharkey (Vice President for Research). The meeting was hosted by Dr. John Mauro, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.