MatSE 590 Seminar Speaker - Dan Vaughn, Corning Incorporated

12:05 pm - 1:20 pm

101 Thomas Building

"Value Based Safety and its Potential to Transform Workplace Culture (…and How Your "Attitude Towards Safety Can Make You a Better Job Candidate"

Abstract: Most progressive companies view safety not just as a basic human right, but also as a proven way to increase productivity, performance and profits.  The best companies move past simply complying with safety regulations and instead focus on developing a culture where safety is a value of the organization and every one in it.  In such organizations, safety attitudes and behaviors can establish new behavioral norms that have the potential to transform the entire culture of the organization.  Progressive companies prefer to hire employees who understand the importance of safety and have a record of promoting safety.  Come learn how Corning Incorporated and other companies are benefiting from Value Based Safety and why they seek employees who get it.


Bio: Dan Vaughn is the Manager of External Technology Collaborations and Intellectual Assets at Corning Incorporated.  The group he manages enables Corning’s roughly 500 researchers to collaborate on various research projects with external entities - primarily universities and government entities.  The External Technology Collaborations organization negotiates agreements, provides contract administration services, builds awareness within the Corning Technology Community of potential collaborations, and manages relationships with key technology collaborators.  Dan also manages the Intellectual Asset Management group in Corning’s Science & Technology organization.  Dan has worked at Corning for more than ten years, primarily in Business Development and Innovation roles.  He has extensive experience negotiating agreements and developing and managing relationships both domestically and abroad.

Prior to working for Corning, Dan worked in merger and acquisition roles for two publicly traded companies where he had the opportunity to lead the successful acquisition of several companies.

Dan has an M.B.A from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School