Chao-Yang Wang

Chao-Yang Wang
  • PROFESSOR AND DIEFENDERFER CHAIR Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
338A Reber Building
(814) 863-4762


Fuel cells, batteries and their materials

Multiphase and interfacial transport

Direct numerical simulation of microstructures

Noted Publications:
  1. X.G. Yang and C.Y. Wang, Nanostructured tungsten carbide catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, Applied Physics Letters, in press, 2005.
  2. F.Q. Liu and C.Y. Wang, Variations in interfacial properties during cell conditioning and influence of heat-treatment of ionomer on characteristics of direct methanol fuel cells, Electrochimica Acta, Vol.50, pp.1413-1422, 2005.
  3. G.Q. Lu, F.Q. Liu and C.Y. Wang, Water transport through Nafion 112 membrane in direct methanol fuel cells, Electrochem. & Solid-State Letters, Vol.8, pp.A1-A4, 2005.
  4. U. Pasaogullari and C.Y. Wang, Two-phase modeling and flooding prediction of polymer electrolyte fuel cells, J. Electrochem. Soc., Vol.152, pp. A380-A390, 2005.
  5. C.Y. Wang, “Fundamental models for fuel cell engineering,” Chemical Reviews, Vol.104, pp.4727-4766, 2004.