Courtesy Faculty Appointments

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Objective: to provide acknowledgement of participation in departmental activities and programs to Penn State non-MatSE faculty. The broad criterion for a courtesy appointment: an outstanding faculty member at Penn State who wants to be associated with the MatSE department and actively collaborates with MatSE faculty in research.

Benefits for the faculty with a courtesy appointment:

• have the title “MatSE” added to their current title

• access to MATSE graduate student applicants pool

• included in our website and graduate recruiting brochure

• invited to MATSE faculty meetings and other department-wide activities

• chair Ph.D. and M.S. committees for MATSE students.

Procedures for Making Courtesy Appointments:

• A letter requesting and justifying the courtesy appointment should be received from the applicant in addition to a vitae. The vitae should emphasize detailed scholarly accomplishments in research, teaching and professional service. The request must clearly state, in details, how the proposed appointment is intended to benefit the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

• The nominee is expected to contribute resources for the education of the students of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, either alone or jointly with other MatSE faculty. The word “resources” is to be interpreted broadly to mean intellect, scholarship, and other talents that significantly benefit the Department and its people.

• The MatSE department will contact the applicant’s home department and obtain approval for the courtesy appointment.

• The P&T committee of the Department must approve the initial appointment of a nominee based on contemporary standards for a particular title and criteria described inthe above two items.

• The senior faculty of the Department may provide input to the committee via the usual existing process.

• Upon approval by the applicants home department and the MatSE P&T committee, the MatSE department head will meet with the candidate and write a request letter to the Dean of EMS for the courtesy appointment.

• The Dean will inform the person that he or she has been made a courtesy professor in MatSE.

• Department should request an annual activity report that describes the following four items:

(a) a description of activities that benefited MatSE and contribution to the education of MatSE students,

(b) any joint publication/presentation with MatSE students,

(c) teaching activities in MatSE courses and

(d) any other scholarly activities that benefit the Department and its people. The report, in most cases, may not exceed a few pages.

• The Department Head should review the annual activity report, since the Head currently reviews the annual activity reports of all departmental faculty. The Department Head may terminate an appointment for noncompliance with the purpose of the appointment. In such a case, the Department Head should consult with the appropriate MatSE faculty member who nominated the faculty being evaluated.

• Any request for change in title shall be decided by the P&T committee consistent with University rules and Departmental interest. A promotion at the home unit may not necessarily mean an automatic change in title at MatSE.

• The Dean’s office should be notified of all terminations.

• The MatSE department will not be under any financial responsibility for a courtesy appointment.